Welcome to Mistral Aviation: the UK home of Robin Aircraft

Flying a Robin is a better experience

Mistral Aviation Limited, is the sole UK agent for the Robin range of certified light aircraft manufactured at Darois, Dijon in France.

Instantly recognisable by their highly efficient wing, Robin aircraft are a delight to fly, economical to operate and amazingly durable. With some original airframes in service for over 40 years and with more than 20,000 flying hours, design, materials and avionics have evolved over time to keep the aircraft at the forefront of technological advances.

Now, with the launch of the new DR401 model (see link here and ’news’), Robin have leapt forward with a myriad of improvements in comfort, speed, durability and functionality.

Go ahead and explore this site to discover the benefits of the superb Robin aeroplanes!

Also, we are the leading brokers for pre-owned Robin aircraft. Not just the famous DR400 and DR500 you will see on this site, but also the two and four-seat metal aircraft that Robin used to make. Mistral's long experience of these types puts us in a unique position to advise both buyers and sellers. We are expert at valuation, we get preferential rates on advertising, and we handle the mass of paperwork involved, which can be particularly onerous when selling abroad. If you are looking to sell your aircraft, or trade-up to a new one, call us—we can help you. We are always looking for good, pre-owned, Robins to sell. If you are looking to buy a pre-owned aircraft then do look at our listings elsewhere on this site.

See our FAQs page for tips on preparing your aircraft for sale.

We are based at Elstree Aerodrome, where we hangar our demonstrator, and we also have offices in central London. Contact us to see the Robin aircraft.

 Mistral Aviation LLP, Elstree Aerodrome WD6 3AW; +44 (0)20 7431 2008, +44 (0)7973 691727; sales@mistralaviation.co.uk