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Monthly flyouts

After a very successful event in September at Abergavenny, the plan for October was thwarted by poor weather and those for December have had to be shelved because of the government's COVID-19 restrictions.

If possible, we shall plan a fly-out on 16 December, so 🤞🏻,
G-DORO touches down at Abergavenny

Tubeless wheels for the DR400 and DR500

Robin Aircraft have announced the availability of a tubeless conversion for the DR400/500 aircraft.

The new wheels are also applicable to DR253, DR340/315/360/380/300 aircraft fitted with DR400 landing gear.

Tubeless tyres are more reliable than tubed tyres, and the tubless tyres reduce bulk and cut mass. The weight saving is about 1·6 kg per wheel, so around 4·8 kg in total.

The new wheels and tyres are being fitted to all new Robin aircraft and retrofit kits are available from CEAPR through your approved workshop.
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Robin awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

The ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (EPV; 'Living Heritage Company') was set up by the French government to distinguish French companies "with excellent artisanal and industrial enterprise”. The label is granted for a five-year period and brings together exceptional French manufacturers.

EPV-labelled companies are rigorously selected. According to the criteria for the award, the recipients are characterised by:
  • Their economic heritage;
  • Their use of rare know-how emplyoing traditional or highly technical production methods;
  • Their reputation and standing.
Our congratulations to Robin Aircraft for having their creative passion, their know-how, and the achievements of their team at Darois recognised in this way!
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