What are the cost savings for diesel engines?

Fuel cost for the EcoFlyers 2·0S is around £51 per flight hour less than for an Avgas powered equivalent. Even paying the tax for non-business use on Jet A-1 the saving is still about £37 per hour.

A gearbox inspection at 1,200 hours is about £3,500, but by that time you have saved between £44,000 and £61,000 on fuel.

An engine overhaul at 2,100 hours will cost about £25,000 but the owner will have recouped between £77,000 and £107,000 in fuel costs!

With a Continental diesel you have the most reliable engine in GA and a far more sophisticated power plant (low noise, low vibration, no shock cooling) than a petrol engine with the added bonus of significant cost savings.

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