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Robin workshops re-open after COVID lockdown

The Robin workshops in Darois re-opened on April 27 and are now back at full capacity—working extra hard to catch up!

One of the first aircraft off the line will be for the UK, delivery having been delayed from April by the COVID shutdown. The Mistral Aviation team expect to ferry the aircraft back to Elstree for its ARC and C of A in late May.

Tubeless wheels for the DR400 and DR500

Robin Aircraft have announced the availability of a tubeless conversion for the DR400/500 aircraft.

The new wheels are also applicable to DR253, DR340/315/360/380/300 aircraft fitted with DR400 landing gear.

Tubeless tyres are more reliable than tubed tyres, and the tubless tyres reduce bulk and cut mass. The weight saving is about 1·6 kg per wheel, so around 4·8 kg in total.

The new wheels and tyres are being fitted to all new Robin aircraft and retrofit kits are available from CEAPR through your approved workshop.

Robin is Awarded the French Government ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’…and another new DR401 155CDI for the UK

The ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (EPV; 'Living Heritage Company') was set up by the French government to distinguish French companies "with excellent artisanal and industrial enterprise”. The label is granted for a five-year period and brings together exceptional French manufacturers.

EPV-labelled companies are rigorously selected. According to the criteria for the award, the recipients are characterised by:

  • Their economic heritage;
  • Their use of rare know-how emplyoing traditional or highly technical production methods;
  • their reputation and standing.

Our congratulations to Robin Aircraft for having their creative passion, their know-how, and the achievements of their team at Darois recognised in this way!

Another new Robin DR401 155CDI for the UK

Robin DR401 155CDI

Departing Le Touquet for the second leg of the ferry flight from Darois to Elstree

 Another beautiful aircraft with a well-chosen configuration makes its debut. Flown by ferry pilot Mike Nash-Wortham in formation with Steve and Jennie Bailey of Mistral aviation, the latest Robin Aircraft DR401 155CDI heads for its home.

Robin Fly’ins 2019—Registration now open

Robin Aircraft will again be hosting fly’ins with factory tours this summer on Friday 28 June and Saturday 6 July at Darois, LFGI.

A lunch is offered on reservation and a visit to the Robin workshops will give you a feel of the expertise of the team and their absolute commitment to the construction of these fine aircraft.

For aerobatic enthusiasts, flight demonstrations can be arranged in the new CAP10NG.

The registration page is at:

Mistral Aviation intend to be there on both days so do, please, contact us if you intend to visit and we should be happy to assist with advice on flying in and on accommodation.

LFGI (1)

The CAP 10 is relaunched and the G500TXi is installed in the DR401

TTThe CAP 10 has officially re-entered the market at Aero Friedrichshafen.

Flown to Friedrichshafen by CEAPR CEO and Robin chief engineer Christophe Belin, in formation with Steve and Jennie Bailey in G-HMSJ and Guy Pellisier in F-HDSL, the aircraft has already made a big impression—a much appreciated fully aerobatic side-by-side two seater.

The CAP 10 is powered by a 180hp fuel-injected Lycoming engine driving a two-blade Hoffmann propeller. The three-bladed MT constant speed propeller fitted on the stand will be certified soon and will give better performance; the additional weight being offset by carbon fibre cowlings and spats.

Price is €295,000 ex VAT with twin G5 instruments. Avionics are priced separately.

The CAP 10 en-route LFGI to EDNY

The 3-blade MT propeller will give even better performance when approved

Standard instruments are twin Garmin G5 with analogue backup

Meanwhile, opposite the CAP on Stand 335, F-HDSL sports the newly installed Garmin G500 TXi with the Garmin G5 replacing the previous Mid Continent SAM. Despite the larger size of the TXi compared with the G500, Robin have succeeded with an installation that gives the pilot a completely unobstructed view of the screen under the glare-shield.

Approval by STC is expected in a few

Robin Aircraft news from Mistral Aviation

A new Robin DR401 155CDI for the UK

FlFlying in formation with Steve and Jennie Bailey in G-HMSJ, ferry pilot Mike Nash-Wortham pilots the latest new Robin DR401 155CDI to be imported by Mistral Aviation from Robin Aircraft.

A full IFR fit, with G500/GTN750, Avidyne 605 TAS and S-TEC 55X autopilot, this beautiful aircraft landed at Elstree on 19th December where it is awaiting its C of A before delivery to its owner at Redhill.

Robin Aircraft workshop fly-in success:

Good weather for most of the days brought flyers from across Europe, including a large contingent from the UK, to see the Robin factory in action and admire the latest products.

The next major events will be Aero Friedrichshafen 10-13 April and AeroExpo UK 13-15 June.

Darois 29.07

Robin doubles DR401 aircraft production

In April 2018, Robin Aircraft have doubled production of the iconic DR401 from twelve to 24 aircraft per year.

Demand for the DR401 has increased steadily, pushing lead times at the factory in Darois to over 12 months. With a full order book to March 2019, Robin Aircraft have taken on more engineers and craftsmen to meet the demand.

New livery options and interior design enhancements keep the DR401 as the best value in certified four-seat aircraft.

You can see the Robin DR401 at the Elite London (11-12 May) and at AeroExpo UK (14-16 June), both at Wycombe Air Park. Contact us for details.

Ready to fly 07

Another new Robin DR401 155CDI for the UK

Seen here flown by ferry pilot Mike Nash-Wortham in formation with Steve & Jennie Bailey of Mistral Aviation, a new DR401 155CDI flies from the Robin factory in Darois to its new home in the UK. After issue of its first ARC and its C of A at Elstree, the beautifully finished G-DORO will be based at White Waltham.


Fly’ins 2017

Robin Aircraft's 2017 Fly’ins at Darois, LFGI, are scheduled for:

  • Friday June 23;
  • Friday June 30;
  • Friday July 7.

The events begin at 12:00 local time (GMT +2), with factory tours, a complimentary barbecue lunch and the opportunity to meet with the Robin Aircraft team and see the latest Robin models.

Ample aircraft parking is on the airfield and there are no landing fees. Fuelling (Avgas and Jet A-1) is self-service with payment by credit card.

There is overnight accommodation en route to Dijon and in Dijon itself. Please contact us if you need recommendations.

If you would like to attend then it is essential to book! On-line booking will be available on Robin Aircraft’s web site or just email us with the following information:

  • Preferred date;
  • Number of aircraft;
  • Number of people.

We shall confirm with you a week before your chosen date. Of course it is understood that weather may cause cancellations, but it is essential that the factory have a good idea of numbers.

 Mistral Aviation LLP, Elstree Aerodrome WD6 3AR, UK; Contact Us