The New Robin DR401

Daniel Triquès and his team put the finishing touches on their new creation within eighteen months of launching the project.

A safer, larger and more comfortable cockpit:

The same roominess as the DR500 without compromising the DR400 payload.

The canopy is now formed on a curved frame giving 10 cm more shoulder room at the front.

The flap lever is replaced by electric flaps, giving more room at hip level.

Seat adjustment levers have been moved to the front of the seats and a handle has been installed on either side of the panel to make it easy to adjust the seat position whilst seated.

The new centre console is continuous from the instrument panel to the rear seats and incorporates the flap mechanism.

The elevator trim wheel is replaced by electrical controls in the new center console.

More comfortable sport seats are fitted. The stick has been redesigned with an ergonomic handle and shaped to give more leg space.. 

The instrument panel is completely redesigned to allow more space for large digital screens, whether certified or uncertified. Additional equipment for IFR, if needed, is located remotely.

A more streamlined glare shield protects displays from the sun and makes them easier to view, gives increased forward visibility and provides a perfect reference line for the horizon.

Annunciator lights, the trim indicator, the magnetic compass, brightness adjusters and ancillary switches are at their usual place in the new upper section, while the center console accommodates switches for the fuel pump, landing light, flaps, the engine management lever(s), the fuel selector, the parking brake knob and a 12 volt power socket accessible from the rear seats. Each button falls naturally to hand without effort and according to the sequence in the Flight Manual...

New for the airframe:

New aircraft can be equipped with a flight recorder, SafetyPlane, that supports a warranty of twenty years for the aerostructures. It is also possible to access a real time flight management tool that is particularly valuable for aeroclubs hiring aircraft to members.

Another new feature: the use of unleaded, ethanol-free (98 octane type), autogas, allowed on Lycoming engines by SI1070S, is now available on the DR401 through the cooperation of Robin New Aircraft with the Gomolzig company that has a long experience of the use of this fuel in Germany.

The upper wing surface is now a solid, 0·6 mm wood laminate—fully waterproof and with reduced drag.

Finally, landing, taxying, navigation and strobe lights are all now long-life LEDs, the remote oil filter cartridge mounted on Lycoming engines makes maintenance easier and the new luggage compartment door is now secured by two strong locks.

In conclusion:

With four Lycoming and two Centurion engines, a choice of variable pitch or several fixed-pitch propellers, the DR401 offers a broad range of tailored solutions with unmatched levels of payload, comfort and safety.

And its price remains by far the best in its class ...

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