About Robin Aircraft and Mistral Aviation
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Robin Aircraft
The outer section of the Robin wing has dihedral, which gives increased stability in bank and in turns.

The outer wing section also has a high degree of washout, so it provides minimal lift and drag in cruise, but gives extra lift at high angles of attack, improving low speed stability, maintaining aileron effectiveness near the stall, and reducing the stall speed. The inner section produces most of the lift in cruise, giving high wing loading for a smoother ride. The result is a very safe handling and responsive aeroplane that is a pleasure to fly.

Virtually all wings, other than in some military combat types, incorporate positive dihedral for stability but to twist a wing that has constant dihedral to provide washout near the outer ends is complicated and, therefore, expensive, which is why you see stall strips on the inner section of some wings. Stall strips are really a fudge to cause the inner part of the wing to stall before the outer part. The craftsmen-made wooden structure of the Robin (originally Jodel) wing effectively combines constructional and aerodynamic efficiency without the compromises of other designs.
Robin Aircraft (pronounced ‘Rowbahn’) is a family-run manufacturer that has been making craftsmen-made aeroplanes at its factory in Darois, France, since 1957.

Constantly evolving, with options of diesel and petrol engines from 120 hp to 200 hp, the Robin, with its characteristic wing, spans economical trainer to comfortable long-distance tourer.

Unlike metal or GRP, Robin Aircraft airframes have no fatigue life, do not corrode or degrade under ultraviolet light and are relatively inexpensive to maintain. Many Robin airframes have been in service for over 50 years and more than 20,000 flight hours. This extraordinary durability has enabled Robin to offer a 20 year warranty on their aerostructures.

Equally at home on hard runways or grass strips, Robin aircraft are renowned for their excellent flying characteristics, class leading visibility, versatility and economy of operation; qualities that have kept them as firm favourites throughout their production.

The philosophy of Robin Aircraft is to build aircraft in which you can learn to fly, can afford to buy and fly when you have your licence, that can be flown anywhere, and that last indefinitely.
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Mistral Aviation
Mistral Aviation has been marketing Robin aircraft in the UK and Eire for several decades.

Based at Elstree Aerodrome, EGTR, Mistral Aviation provides a bespoke, complementary, service for our clients: demonstrations, guidance on the specification and design of your unique personal aircraft, managing the build with the workshops in France, importation, registration paperwork, and after-sales service in the air and on the ground.

Steve & Jennie Bailey were invited to take over the Robin aircraft agency in 2012 after partnering Robin Aircraft in the certification of the Continental Diesel 155hp engine and the Garmin G500 EFIS.

Steve and Jennie regularly fly in Europe and have over 1,500 flight hours in Robin aeroplanes.

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