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Motorised Tow-Bar


With Robin Adapter

The differential motor of the APT7000 together with custom adapter for the DR400 / DR401 / DR500, allows the aircraft to be manoevered forwards and backwards around corners.

Traction is achieved by the mass of the motor and down pressure on the handle, so is suitable for hard surfaces and very modest gradients.

Custom Covers


Covers for Robin aircraft

We are happy to endorse these as lightweight, packable and durable covers for Robin Aircraft.

Compact enough for a complete set to be carried in the aircraft when touring.

Shown here on our demonstrator DR401 155CDI at Vrsar in Croatia to protect against hailstorms. Propeller boss and blade covers are available also.

UV Skin Protection


Essential Skin Defence

Ultraviolet light can cause photochemical damage to the skin, resulting in premature ageing, discolouration and skin cancers.

The intensity of UV radiation increases with altitude and the Plexiglass canopies provide limited filtration, particularly of UVA, making effective skin protection crucial at any time of year.