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Communiqué from Robin Aircraft

Robin Aircraft has issued the following statement:

"Official statement

The Dijon Commercial Court has just ordered the liquidation of Robin Aircraft and declined, for insufficiency or incompatibility, the three proposed takeover bids.

A cold shower falls on the shoulders of all those who participated in or encouraged the adventure.

The harshness of the times and the human limitations of the crew force us to get down on one knee.

But they don't force us to give up.

CEAPR (Centre Est Avions Pierre Robin) is standing fast, serving all the proud owners of Robin and Cap aircraft.

CEAPR will take on board everyone from Robin who can and will continue to cherish, take care and promote the unique know-how amassed over so many years by so many highly talented craftsmen.

And when tomorrow the community of DR400 and Cap10 enthusiasts requests it and market conditions allow it, we shall be ready.

Casimir Pellissier
CEO Robin Aircraft"

This only effects the production of new aircraft and Mistral Aviation continues to work with CEAPR to support our clients and the current fleet of Robin aircraft.

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