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Clipgate and The Jackdaw in Denton
Visited in July 2020

A friendly reception awaits at Clipgate Farm airfield. As you will glimpse at the end of the video, although small, the airfield is home to a good number of aircraft and can offer training in fixed wing microlights and in a gyrocopter. Do be aware of possible wind shear due to the trees and that the tall trees at the 20 end are very close to the threshold so the useable length of runway is significantly less than the measured 490 metres.

A pleasant 1·1 mile stroll from the airfield, mostly along country lanes, brings you to the Jackdaw; a traditional pub/restaurant nestled in the Kent countryside. The last quarter mile of the walk is along the A320 but there is a footpath for all but 100 yards of this.

There is outdoor seating both in the quiet garden at the back of the Jackdaw and at the front, and there is a varied menu of very well presented dishes.
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The Jackdaw from the front.
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Looking toward the Jackdaw from the garden.
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Two oif the starter dishes.