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Robin DR401 to Joigny, LFGK
Visited in July 2018

Located at the crossing of the rivery Yonne and the Canal de Bourgogne (airfield: 47°59’41.28”N 003°23’40.17”E) 9 nm north west of Auxerre and 32 nm south west of Troyes.

Draped with the vineyards of Côte Saint-Jacques, Joigny is rich both in 11th to 15th century heritage and in gastronomy.

The airfield is located at the top of the hill above the town, 700 feet AMSL and 450 feet above the river. It has 1,070 m of tarmac, but be aware of the trees at the eastern end and the locally imposed crosswind limit of 15 kts from the south. Free landing, free parking. Best to send an email to [email protected] copied to [email protected] to let them know you are coming.

An easy walk down the farm tracks and lanes takes you into the town; a 30 minute gentle stroll to reach the south side of the river. Or call a taxi (+33 6 79 61 50 32 or +33 6 81 67 48 97) if you have luggage!

Accommodation includes Le Rive Gauche ( on the south side of the river and La Côte Saint-Jacques ( on the north side. Le Rive Gauche has an excellent restaurant and very comfortable, air-conditioned accommodation, at a very reasonable cost. La Côte Saint-Jacques’ restaurant has two michelin stars and prices to match!

A lovely place for a relaxed summer weekend.
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Left base for 26 (airfield centre right of frame).
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Sleepy LFGK.
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Looking east from the south side of the river.
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Le Rive Gauche.
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La Côte Saint-Jacques.