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Robin Aircraft for Glider Towing

The Robin Aircraft DR401 180RA, RACS and DR401 200RAi are very popular certified glider-towing aircraft operated on hundreds of European glider fields.

All except the 180RALite have four seats, offering the comfort and performance of a touring aircraft for mixed-duty operations.

The Robin Aircraft DR400 180R is now able to run on Mogas as well as Avgas.

The Robin Aircraft 180 Lite offers a reduced airframe mass (around 520 kg empty weight) allowing heavier gliders to be towed.

The Robin Aircraft DR400 200R has the 200hp Lycoming fuel-injected engine and constant speed propeller, giving an improved climb rate.

The Robin Aircraft 180RACS is powered by the 180hp Lycoming carburettor engine, again with a constant speed propeller.

The Robin Aircraft 155CDI-R equipped with a diesel Continental 2·0S 155hp engine, a three-bladed constant speed propeller, single power lever control and, above all liquid cooling that prevents thermal shock on power-off descents: a huge advantage for glider tugs. The combination of the three-blade propeller, liquid cooling and efficient silencing makes this aircraft particularly suitable for noise sensitive areas. Click here for a comparison between the 180RA and the 155CDI-R.
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PRICES DR401 155CDI-R DR401 180RA DR401 180RLite DR401 180RACS 200RAi
€339,664.82 €338,220.38 €295,020.38 €347,250.38 €395,662.04
Electric rudder trim €6,860