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Specifications and Prices

A new Robin aircraft is never just purchased; it is commissioned. An aircraft that is yours and yours alone. Every new Robin aircraft is unique to its owner. Our guides below let you begin the journey of commissioning your bespoke Robin aeroplane and realising your vision.

Detailed specifications1, prices2 and some popular options for each Robin Aircraft model are in the links below. For customised avionics, livery, and interior personalisation3 please contact us to discuss your personal requirements without any obligation. Please talk to us rather than registering your details on Robin Aircraft's website in France; it is in your interest to consult with us first.

Financing: Mortgaging, Performance Bond, lease purchase, hire purchase can be arranged—please contact us for details.
  1. All Robin DR401 models share the same fuselage design and dimensions: length 7·2 m; wingspan 8·72 m; max height 2·23 m; track 2·58 m.

    The differences in MTOW generally relate to engine power and, therefore to climb rate. The 'Lite' models have a reduced MTOW because of a reduced aerostructure mass.
  2. Guide prices are under the tabs below ('Train' / 'Travel' etc.)
    Prices are in Euros, ex France, ex taxes, subject to confirmation and to variations in rates of exchange at the time of order. The prices are fixed by Robin Aircraft and fleet discounts are available.
  3. We can offer our clients full exterior and interior personalisation for all new Robin Aircraft.

    There are two levels:
    • MyRobin Silver—custom exterior paint design for the entire fuselage and wings: €4,500 ex VAT;
    • MyRobin Gold—custom exterior paint design plus interior personalisation of seating and trim: €7,450 ex VAT.
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Petrol and Jet-A1 options

2-seat or 4-seat robust training and club aricraft—the staple of French aeroclubs.



Jet A-1, UL91 or 100LL

The economy, sophistication and reliability of the 155CDI, the familiarity of the 180Ai or the power of the 200Ai, the choice is yours.



Rugged performers

From water cooled sophistication in the 155CDI-R, through lightweight muscle in the 180RLite, to raw power in the 200RAi.